5 steps to building a brave personal brand

5 steps to building a brave personal brand

Here’s A Breakdown Of What To Expect From the guide:


This is where the idea is born and planning begins to help nurture the idea and help bring it to life. 

This step is where we teach people what ingredients make up a video, and how to ensure your videos are targeted using the briefing process.

Then, we teach people how to formulate creative ideas to create more unique videos that stand out from the crowd.

Lesson 1: What are you creating?

Lesson 2: Why are you creating it?

Lesson 3: How are you creating it?


This is the shooting phase, the idea has been developed and refined, you know exactly what is being filmed. Time to start shooting: Lights, Camera, Action. This step is where we break down how to shoot and structure engaging videos through camera setup, lighting, and audio. Understanding this step in the process will allow you to make vast improvements in the quality of your content production.

Lesson 1: Video equipment

Lesson 2: Camera setup

Lesson 3: Lighting

Lesson 4: Audio

Lesson 5: Performance on camera / Engaging structure

Step 3. THE EDIT

This is where all of the footage is pieced together into a coherent and engaging video, with music, voice-over, and any added graphics and branding like logos or text.

The third and final step - here we teach people the basics of professional editing software. This will give you an understanding of how to edit videos quickly, efficiently, and on-brand.

Lesson 1: Footage storage and organisation

Lesson 2: Repurposing your content for multiple platforms

Lesson 3: Editing walkthrough

Your brand true north

We hear people talking about their purpose in life, their calling and that they are on a mission to change the world etc, etc. It’s important for you to understand this before you attempt to clarify yours.

Core client connection

Currently you probably have a very good intuitive feel for your target audience but you can always go deeper to truly understand who benefits most from what you offer?

Your vehicle for driving value

Your Offer Value Statement isn't just a sentence; it's the heartbeat of your brand's promise to your clients. It should be clear, concise, and compelling, summarising the transformation or solution you provide.

Building visual synergy

A visual identity is the visual and tangible representation of your brand, encompassing everything from your logo and colour scheme to typography and imagery.

Bringing it all to life

Last, but not least, let’s apply all of the work you’ve done so far to your Social Media Profiles. This is a really exciting part of the process because we are now starting to filter the work you have done across the web.