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From one small account to another, you don't need a huge audience to have a beautiful, successful business! Hooray!

In this video, we delve into content strategy for individuals with small followings on platforms like Instagram and YouTube. We debunk the widespread belief that individuals need large follower bases to succeed in their field. I also discuss content strategy and tips for small creators who want to build a personal brand and grow their following on Instagram and YouTube organically. Learn how to create valuable marketing content, leverage different social media platforms, and build trust with your audience. Watch now to discover the secrets to content marketing, no matter the size of your following.

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Video Training Transcription:

Introduction to Content Strategy

All right, we're back in the studio.

Welcome to another video. This video, I'm going to be talking about content strategy, especially for people who have less than a thousand followers on things like Instagram, YouTube, et cetera, et cetera.

The Controversy of Content Creation

Now I posted a video the other day, which said, stop creating content. And yes, it was quite a controversial headline. But the reason I wanted to say that was I saw, and I have been seeing so many different people and clients coming to me. Posting content, not sure what to talk about and talking about stuff before they even knew what they were trying to talk about. They didn't have a message, right?

Transition from Personal Branding to Content Mastery

But once you access that message, once you get clarity around your personal brand, then we move you from personal branding to content mastery, content creation. Once you have that clarity, that is when you can go out and share your message with the world.

Focusing on Small Followings

Now, what I want to focus on today is helping people who have less than a thousand followers on Instagram and less than, let's say a hundred subscribers on YouTube. Because in my opinion, there is a massive, massive stigma that says that you have to have a lot of followers in order to have a successful business.

Success with a Small Following

And that I am not an expert in talking about content because I only have 200 followers on YouTube. But my friend, the beautiful thing about that is. If I could show you the amount of leads that I get or the amount of sales that I get through my YouTube channel, which has very little subscribers on it, then you would be amazed.

Case Study: Maxime's Success

So one of our clients, Maxim, he came to us and he was on around 1000 plus followers on Instagram. And after implementing our content strategy and the content strategy, I'm gonna share with you in this video, he's now almost over 7,000 followers on Instagram. He's almost sold out his program, or he sold 16 the last time I spoke to him on his launch.

Maxime's YouTube Strategy

And he's actually going through his launch right now. And he did that all through a YouTube funnel, an organic content strategy funnel. And he has 80 subscribers on YouTube, 80 subscribers on YouTube. He posted two of these videos. You can see them on the screen right now. And he was getting sales booked off them.

The Power of Content Marketing

He was getting sales made off them. He was getting calls booked off them. The works. Okay. And it all works around a very, very simple strategy, very, very simple content formula that we take. All right. And it's all about posting great content on social media. Things like Instagram, TikTok, YouTube shorts.

The Content Triangle Method

We've essentially boiled this whole process down into what we call the content triangle method. And this has been created specifically for people who are not yet influencers. If you have 1000 followers or less on social media, this is an amazing first step process to go about creating content.

Utilizing Different Platforms

The reason being is because the different platforms have different purposes. TikTok and Shorts and Instagram are great for getting new eyes on your content and also Instagram is good for nurturing a current audience because people can DM you directly.

YouTube for Education and Conversion

The next one is YouTube, which is the best platform for high conversions and educating people in a longer form, right? And you could also post things like podcasts onto YouTube as well. And people, when they're on YouTube, when they're on the platform, they're looking for longer, content to engage with.

Repurposing Content Efficiently

And so this digital ecosystem, once it is running, is an absolute beautiful beast and a platform that you can operate on your own, leveraging things like AI, leveraging things like process. And so this is all built around the philosophy of spending more time repurposing existing content before you spend time creating new content.

Focusing on Sustainable Value Addition

And so what I want to say and why the reason this video is addressed to people with 1000 followers or less is because I don't believe you should be going for virality. You should be focusing on adding massive value in a sustainable form.

Implementing the Content Triangle

So this is the process that you need to take once you've realized you've got the content triangle in place. Each week, pick one question your avatar would ask you and make a video about that. Spend two minutes preparing what you're going to be talking about. Record three minutes on the problem and three minutes on the solution. Then post it to YouTube and use the AI platform to create shorter cut downs of your longer video.

Conclusion and Call to Action

So if you would like help with your personal brand, your content strategy, hit the link below and schedule a call with me and we can chat about it. I'm offering free brand strategy calls to everyone who is in need of it. Anyone who wants clarity around what they do before they can start posting content. Because truly, I want to save you years on your journey. Years that I spent walking through what I call the desert of despair. All right. And remember, my friend, if you're under 1000 followers on Instagram, if you have zero followers on YouTube, trust me, it's one of the most amazing platforms to be a micro coach, a micro influencer, and a true micro influencer is someone who has literally like 10 followers, man. So own that. Own the fact you're small, own the fact you care, own the fact that people would rather work with someone who they can connect with, as opposed to someone who has a million subscribers on YouTube. All right, I hope you found this valuable. Good luck my friend, all the best on your journey. Please hit the like, share this if you found it valuable, and I'll see you on the next one.